Angel of Aberdeen

Upon arriving in the modest Washington town of Aberdeen, a sign reads: Welcome to Aberdeen, Come As You Are, embracing the fact that Nirvana was formed here in 1987. But what if you don’t know who you are? What if your search for self is just beginning?

Angel Harjo is a young woman living in Aberdeen. Every day she commutes hours to work and is dismayed by the violence and detached nature of the people around her. Instead of falling victim to ennui, Angel embarks on a journey to find faith, find herself, and forge a connection with the world around her. If Plato was correct and the center cannot hold, Angel wants to dive into that center and take full control of her life. What she doesn’t know is that a guide awaits her and divinity doesn’t look anything like she expected.

Angel of Aberdeen is a short film with dry humor, poignancy and a journey toward self-awareness. It’s a film that eschews the stereotypes and embraces vast and varied paths to enlightenment. A film about so many young women finding themselves in our society today.

— Jennifer DiMarco, Writer/Director