Black Bishop, Red Queen

“They Thought They Controlled the Board”

When Kassidy is lost, her mother and brother are broken and their lives start to unravel. The veneer covering their idyllic family wears away and dark secrets are revealed.

Though the sixth Blue Forge Productions’ feature film to be released to the public, BLACK BISHOP RED QUEEN is actually the second feature written and developed by Jennifer DiMarco.

Edited and scored with 140 minutes of original music by Brianne DiMarco, BLACK BISHOP, RED QUEEN unfolds like a dream or a nightmare, replete with twists and turns.

This film is considered “Mature” by Beginning of Heaven Studios for dark themes, violence, mild gore, nudity, and drug use.

Available for online rental here.


Jennifer Angelucci-Medina as Librarian
Nathan Anthony as Raver Friend
Ron Bauer as Bouncer
Emily BC as Dancer
Micheal Z. Bell as Raver
Christine Brown as Bar Patron
Gregory Brown as Bar Patron
Benjamin Casad as Raver Friend
Marie Casad as Dancer Friend
Stephen DeVore as Raver
Brianne DiMarco as Dancer Friend
Faith Aoibhinn DiMarco as Kassidy
Jennifer DiMarco as Red Queen
Maxwell Kier DiMarco as Black Bishop
Vanessa Fadeff as Dancer
Angela Faro as Raver
Jacinta Field as Bar Patron
M. Kevin Field as Bar Patron
Ginger Gruber as Raver
Pilita Gruber as CPS Worker
Larry Hawkins as Raver
Dylan Heitzmann as Boy at Playground
Madison Heitzmann as Girl at Playground
Michele Heitzmann as Mother at Playground, Raver
JJ Hernandee as Raver
Sheila Houlahan as DJ
Chalmers Johnson as Raver
Nicholas A. Masaoka as Raver
Glen Milligan as Raver
Robert Morrison as Bar Patron
Budi Mulyo as Raver
Jonathan O’Guin as Raver
Chris R. Jenkins as Raver
Courtney Rajotte as Raver
Jason Ramos as Raver Friend
James Rowland as Supplier
Corrinn Shogry as Raver
Adilea Sprouse as Raver
Launa Sorensen as Store Clerk
Max F. Stites as Bar Patron
Brad Walter as Bar Patron