Ghost Noir

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“When the World Has Secrets”

GHOST NOIR is a feature film in film noir style. The alternate world of “Ghost Noir” looks like our own 1940s… with gritty differences. Demons roam the streets. Death is almost impossible. And no one is older than sixteen. Detective Camille Delatore is trying to ignore the disappearance of her free-spirited brother by throwing herself into her work, but all roads lead to Roman, and Camille realizes their world holds secrets darker than shadows.

Experience GHOST NOIR as a film, as a card game, as a script, or as a soundscape of original music.


Faith Aoibhinn DiMarco as Camille Delatore
Myah Bianco as Ivy Gates (Vanity)
Cameron Buehrer as Sergio Sorrento (Wrath)
Brynda Calhoun as Pool Player
Benjamin Casad as Man with Dog
Marie Casad as Woman with Dog
Angela DiMarco as Anna Delatore
Carol DiMarco as First Woman Passerby
Maxwell Kier DiMarco as Roman Delatore
Tyler Easley as Jack Priest
Emilee Gibson as Carole Holliday
J.C. Gordon Granger as Man with Tablet
Lizzie Green as Woman by Lion
Zachary Green as Man by Lion
Ryan Gronberg as Abe Graham (Greed)
Chloe Harris as Juliet Torrent (Fervor)
David S. Hogan as Daniel Delatore
Chandler Jett as Oracle Dowse
Drew Kindle as Farmer
Chloe Knowles as Emelia Shepherd
Greg Laurel as Teddy Grant
Anna Martinson as Annabelle Veil
Trisha Martinson as Kitty Temper
Brielle Nance as Helen Meir
Jaylen Penix as Nick Flight
Kelsey Setzer as Wesley
Bryan Sorensen as Leo Dean
Jeff Sorensen as Man on Bench
Kathy Sorensen as Woman on Bench
Launa Sorensen as Second Woman Passerby
Noah Vayman as Waiter
Matt Wells as Clark Reeves