Ghost Sniffers, Inc.

What is Ghost Sniffers, Inc.? A television show on the web!

We’re a dramedy — half drama, half comedy — about an alternate version of our world where “disabilities” grant super abilities as a trade off.

The young heroes in our show work together to prove whether reported paranormal activity is real or ridiculous and they face off against all types of wild and wacky monsters on their epic quests.

Most of our actors live with the real medical conditions their characters do to show other young people that nothing should hold you back — not ever.

The series follows spunky little Faith Forge who runs Ghost Sniffers, Inc., a company of preteen and teen investigators. At her side are her twin brothers, Maxo and Maximilian, and fellow hunters Sirius Spark, Bianca Ice, and Gogo Gidgit with her robot Boo.

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