House of Sound and Sea

Available for online rental here.

“Why Do We Give Up Our Power?”

Time is nonlinear and concentric in this dark psychological drama set in an architectural masterpiece overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Open spaces can mean loneliness or freedom. Silence can mean peace or oblivion. And music becomes noise as easily as the freedom or flight becomes death.

The commercial DVD — complete with a question-and-answer bonus feature and interviews with cast members — is due in February 2017.

Kye and her wife, Eva, share a complicated power dynamic but not as complicated as the history of their home. Ghosts of a world-class violinist and her unusual daughter haunt the angles and planes. Or it is Kye and Eva who haunt the mother and daughter? Who is real? Who is memory? Who has existed and who might come to exist?

Their two timelines weave in and out of each other, drawing closer and more entwined until no narrator is reliable and nothing is as it seems. Can the present and the past unravel to form a new picture before the sea drowns them all?

This film is rated “Mature” by Beginning of Heaven Studios for dark themes, emotional violence, partial nudity, and sexual imagery.


Kiley Moore as Makaia

Ronee Collins as Eva

Launa Sorensen as Kye