The Last Druid

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“The End of Him, Will Be the End of Them All”

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In a future so distant that our times are almost forgotten, women live by elemental magick and men are precious and rare. The four great clans of Northwild are forced together to face a common enemy more deadly than even the Great Fall proved to be. The Druids are dying and with them will perish the secrets to life.

Can the four Mages deliver the last Druid to the source of his power before the Void overtakes them? THE LAST DRUID is a dystopian/fantasy hybrid; a feature film alive with stunning landscapes, lush mythology and unforgettable characters.


Faith Aoibhinn DiMarco as Spore Mage
Maxwell Kier DiMarco as Druid
Kristie Gronberg as Bard of Northwild
Pilita Gruber as Ice Mage
Yolandra Phillips as Fire Mage
Launa Sorensen as Tree Mage
Benjamin Casad
Margaret Fulton
Wendy Murphy
Patricia Dale
Mandy Baker
Emma Lux Zylstra
Kelly Olsen
Lonness Valenna
Jennifer Stefishen

James Rowland
Heather New
Cassandra Bengtson
Angela Faro
Jamie Stout
Caille Elizabeth Jensen
Ronee Collins
Britta Souhrada
Erica McAdams-Roth
Katelyn Kinney

Amber Rainey
Tae LaBrasseur

Ron Bauer
Veronica Bauer
Georgina Black
Angelena Walton
Brianne DiMarco
Nicole Howard
Julie Olsen
Charlcee Davis
Chelyn Ocholik

Beckham Barehand
Fiyero Barehand
Lior Benhaim
McKenzie Bridgeford
Cameron Castro
Will Donahue
Lauryn Krick
Tatiana Lutje
Ferryn Miller
Rose Miller
Kiley Moore
Kellan Rainey

Amy Bearman as Mage
Denika Hill as Mage
Mandi J. Marquardt
Erica McAdams-Roth
Sarah Miller