The Trees Have Names

“And She Knows Them All”

THE TREES HAVE NAMES is a psychological thriller shot in 2016 and written by Jennifer DiMarco. Tori is a young woman caught between shifting realities. Is she being stalked through an ancient forest? Who is the child she keeps seeing? Or is Tori just escaping her own riddled brain because she’s finally been committed to an asylum? As the story unfolds, we learn more and more about Tori, the child, and her beloved grandfather and friends and doctors.

Available for online rental here.


Brynda Calhoon as Tully (Tuesday)
Benjamin Casad as Dev Landon
Coral Covington as Kris Bradley
Kailob Covington as William (Wednesday)
Brianne DiMarco as Nurse Todd
Faith Aoibhinn DiMarco as Tori (teen)
Jennifer DiMarco as Dispatch
Maxwell DiMarco as Patient
Nathaniel Devish as Myles
Adam Ehinger as Mark Bennett
James Fesalbon as Paul
Larry Hawkins as Brett Nichols
Allyson Paige Leslie as Sunny (Sunday)
Makayla Ann Leslie as Theresa (Thursday)
Kiley Moore as Tori (child)
Gabriel Munson as Samuel (Saturday)
Havalah Munson as Mollie (Monday)
Chelyn Ocholik as Sara Bradley-Bennett
Darryl Robert Small as John Bradley
James Rowland as Doctor Kysar
James Cleveland Rowland as Frainkie
Launa Sorensen as Tori Bradley
Stacey Venzel as Barbara Riley
Lance Zielinski as Jason