The Unspoken

“What Remains Unsaid Retains Power”

The “premiere cut” of THE UNSPOKEN screened March 5, 2017. This limited edition cut of the film is now available for rent from the link above. This edition will be replaced with the final commercial cut of the film in late April, 2017.

Four women. One estate. Countless secrets. When four writers — an essayist, a poet, a playwright and a film-maker — are granted access to the exclusive Silent Manor, visions of best-sellers glint in everyone’s eyes. Paige, Alice, Reese and Veronica begin as strangers but quickly become something else as their lives clash, collide and intertwine.

What is the truth of Silent Manor and its dark history? Who are the children in the shadows or the man and woman in the halls? Does the groundskeeper hold more secrets than the four writers who seek inspiration? The women have just two nights to find their voices or hear the voices whispering to them… or stay silent forever.

A feature film shot in the winter brilliance east of the Cascade Mountains in 2017, THE UNSPOKEN is a psychological drama built inspired by riveting and dark the literary legacy of Mary (Shelley) Godwin and the American history of the Inman twins.

Rent the film online here.

Benjamin Casad as Troy Dodds
Brianne DiMarco as Paige Bailey
Faith Aoibhinn DiMarco as Avion Walker
Jennifer DiMarco as Reese Jordan
Maxwell Kier DiMarco as Jameson Walker
Angela Faro as Veronica Aye
Larry Hawkins as Duke Walker
Launa Sorensen as Missy
Stacey Venzel as Alison Godwin
Amber Rainey as Athena Phone
Cassidy Silva as Mimi
Aidan Kennedy as Manny
Mandy McGee as Jeri

Poetry Reading Audience
Ron Bauer
Darryl Robert Small
Lauren Coe
Jeffrey Scofield
Lindy McMorran
Veronica Bauer
Julia Sorensen
Jamie Stout
Jennifer Stout